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The Electronics & Instrumentation Department is well equipped with laboratories which meet the requirements of an advanced syllabus, encourages students to move beyond classroom studies and provides a solid base for quality in-house projects and offers scope for research work. They include

  • Electronic Circuits Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Process Control Laboratory
  • Transducers and Measurements Laboratory
  • Robotics & Automation Laboratory
  • Electric Vehicle Engineering and Robotics Laboratory
  • Advanced Control Laboratory
  • PLC and Control Systems Laboratory

The Process Control laboratory has workstations for measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow and level. In addition, the lab is equipped with facilities like Heat Exchanger, Digital Pendulum and Coupled Tank System and Coriolis Mass Flow Meter.

Software such as Labview, MATLAB, KEIL Macrovision, PSPICE, PCIM, PL7PRO, KEYENCE ladder logic are being effectively used by students.

SIM, Programming in VHDL in the area of VLSI design, helps students to go beyond syllabus requirements.

Electric Vehicle Engineering and Robotics (EVER) has a PMSM with Multi-level Inverter, OPAL-RT facility for real time simulation and FPGA based DSP board for motor control of Electric Vehicles etc

Robotics & Automation lab is equipped with wheeled mobile robots with on-board computer and sensing devices to function in real world environment. Research problems like obstacle avoidance, navigation, path planning and control are carried out in this laboratories


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