School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Industry Collaborated Labs

SASTRA - Keysight Centre of Excellence in RF System Engineering

Available Facility

  • Modeling and Simulation Tools (Electromagnetic)
    • ADS (Circuit/2D structure simulation)
    • EMPro (3D structure simulation)
    • SystemVue (System Design and Simulation)
  • Test and Measurement
    • Vector Signal Source (6GHz)
    • Signal Analyzer (26.5GHz)
    • Network Analyzer (50GHz)
    • Wide Band High Speed Oscilloscope (2.5GHz BW)
    • Active probes and test fixtures
  • Vector Signal Analysis Software
    • Digital Demodulation
  • SDR based transceivers (up to 6 GHz)
  • Microstrip Antenna/components fabrication facility 


  • Rapid prototyping facility for next generation radios
  • Design of wireless radio networks
  • Signal Analysis up to 26.5 GHz
  • Two port Network analysis up to 50GHz
Electric Vehicles Engineering & Robotics (EVER) Lab supported by Brakes India

EVER Laboratory mainly focuses on EHVs to meet the demands of the future.

Major Facility

  • Opal RT Real time Simulator Hardware Set up
  • 1 – HP PMSM
  • Diode Clamped Multi Level Converters
  • DSO and software such as Driver and Interfacing Software – Opal RT, MATLAB   

Ongoing research work

  • Design and Construction of a Novel Solar Photovoltaic Power Source and Thermal Collector for Electric Vehicle Industry to Minimise Carbon Emission
  • Improving the performance of the standard SLAM algorithms by suitable pre-processing techniques in a probabilistic Bayesian framework. The work aims to improve the performance of EKF-SLAM by providing accurate measurement of pose change and innovation factor
Intrusion Detection Lab supported by TATA Power SED

Intrusion Detection Lab supported by TATA Power SED

Major Facility

  • Intel DE1 – SoC: Development & Evaluation Board – 1 with Cyclone V FPGA and ARM Cortex A9 Microprocessor
  • Intel DE1 – SoC MTL2: Development & Evaluation Board – 1 with Cyclone V FPGA, ARM Cortex A9 Microprocessor and a GCLD touch display
  • ARR Daughter Card: Interface and Add – on for FPGAs for RF communication
  • RFS Daughter Card: Interface and Add – on for FPGAs includes WiFi, Bluetooth, UART and Sensors
  • Workstations: Workstation with 32 GB of RAM, i7 processor, 1 TB of hard disc for high speed programming and processing 

Ongoing research work

  • Quantum random number generator on IBM quantum machine
  • DDoS attack resistant Intrusion Detection System (IDS) on reconfigurable hardware
  • Digital rights management
  • Design for testability for crypto-devices