School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Funded Projects

Ongoing Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project – Ongoing Funding Agency
1. Investigations on Intercalation Mechanism of Multivalent Ions in MXenes Nanosheets towards the Development of Electrode Materials for Next Generation Batteries and Supercapacitors DST-SERB
2. A Computational Analysis on the Prospects of Phosphorene based FET Devices for Bio-Sensing Application DST (AISTDF)
3. Development and Deployment of Screen Printed Catalytic Interfaced Sensors for the Detection of Pesticides and PPCPs in Water-IOT Approach Technology Mission Division, DST
4. Design and Development of Self Powered Selective Collection of Rare Earth Elements from Sea Water DST - Bilateral Grant (Indo-Japan)
5. Integrated Hydrodynamic Cavitation - Membrane Distillation Technology for Enhanced Water Recovery from Industrial Effluent TMD, DST
6. Study of anomalous variation Solid Earth Tides and Atmosphere parameters prior to the occurance of devastating earthquakes- implication for earthquake forecasting MOES
7. RGB Generation DST
8. loT based Waste Segregation and Management for Smart City DST-SERB
9. Monitoring and early detection of Parkinson's disease using Multimodal statistical learning algorithms for improved health care MHRD
10. Generating high power, chirp and pedestal free ultrashort pulses based on self-similar analysis in tapered photonic crystal fiber amplifier DST
11. Nano-titanium dental implant functionalized with novel biofilm inhibitors: Towards prevention of dental implant infections MHRD
12. Affordable Colorimetric and Electrochemical Biosensors for the Early-Stage Detection of Cervical Cancer MHRD

Completed Projects

Sl. No. Title of the Project - Completed Funding Agency
1. Doped polyanion Li2MXFe1-XSiO4/C (M= La, Zn, Ca) aerogel cathode materials for lithium-ion battery applications UGC-DAE-CSR
2. First-principles investigation on the adsorption properties of gas/vapours on two-dimensional monolayer group-V molecular devices Nanomission Council, DST
3. On the Dynamics and Applications of Nonlinear Parity-Time Symmetric Systems CSIR
4. On the non-isochronous and isochronous nature of the nonlinear differential equations DST-SERB-MATRICS
5. Investigations on nonlinear optical properties of 4-methoxybenzylamine metal complexes DST-SERB
6. Clinical Validation of Nano-Interfaced Electrochemical Biosensor to Detect Methylglyoxal (MG) in subjects with Pre-diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) with neuropathy DST-SERB
7. Surface modification for sensitivity and selectivity enhancement of nanostructured ZnO towards wide range ammonia detection DST-SERB
8. Design and Development of an Electronic nose for Exhaled Breath Analysis using Metal Oxide based Chemiresistive Gas Sensors DST-SERB
9. Design and development of Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of pesticide residues in water DST-SERB
10. 3D Printing and Development of Tissue-on-Dish and Lab-on-Chip: Thematic Unit Nano Mission Council, DST
11. A Computational Study of Phosphorene for Nanoscale MOSFET Application DST- SERB
12. A Computational Study on the High Frequency Prospects and Stability Performance of Phosphorene Multigate MOSFET for analog/RF Applications DST- SERB
13. Development of microsensors for hydrogen and ammonia leak detection DRDO
14. Investigations on VOx thin films and nanostructures for the development of methane sensor UGC-DAE
15. High Degree Pulse Compression by Supercontinuum Generation in Tapered Photonic Crystal Fiber CSIR
16. Epileptic Seizure Dynamics, Prediction and Control: A Networks Dynamics Perspective DST- SERB
17. Development of Biosensor to Detect the Urinary Biomarkers for Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Sri Sankaradeva Beltola
18. Online Key Management Tata Power (SED)
19. Development of Multifunctional Textiles by Modifying Textiles with Nanostructured Metal Oxide Materials for UV Filter Applications DST-Nano Mission Council
20. Composite Aerogel Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications DST- SERB
21. Synchronization in Complex Networks: Application in Neurophysics and Spintronics INSA
22. Study of Collective Behaviour in Coupled Nonlinear Systems: Routes and Quantification DST- SERB
23. Realization of Advanced Passivated Contacts for Silicon heterojunction solar cells DST-SNSF (Indo-Swiss Project)
24. Simulation and ion implantation process development for high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells DST-SERI
25. Computational study on nanomaterials DST- SERB
26. Thin vanadium oxide and nickel oxide films for micro bolometer DRDO
27. Detection of Biofilm Contamination in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by eNose DBT
28. Design and Development of an Electronic Nose for Fish Quality Assessment DST-IDP
29. Development of Metal Oxide Nanowire for Chemical Sensors DRDO
30. Fabrication of domain engineered lithium niobate crystal for multiple QPM frequency conversion DST
31. A Complete Study of Propagating Spin waves in Magnonic Crystals by the Excitation of Spin Torque Nano-Oscillators (STNOs) DST
32. Design and Development of Electrochemical Biosensor with Nano-Interface to Detect Heavy Metal Ion Elements in Water DST - WTI
33. Modulational Instability Induced Supercontinuum Generation in Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber DST
34. Pseudo-periodically and periodically nano-sculptured photo-anodes with ultrahigh aspect ratio for dye-sensitized solar cells DST- SERB