School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering



S. No Titled of the Invention Reference Number
1. Data Embedding system US8971531B2
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4. α-MoO3 Thin Film as a highly selective trimethylamine vapour sensor for analysing exhaled breath 4369/CHE/2015
5. Thin film based Ammonia vapour detection at Room temperature by Chemiresistor method  4067/CHE/2014



1. Lossless color channel restoration on color images. 2.01641E+11
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5. Combinational transmit diversity (CTD) enabled cognitive radio network with simple spectrum sensing scheme 1424/CHE/2014
6. Smart ration dispense system 1520/CHE/2014
7. Topical formulation comprising MorindaTinctoria and allium sativum for wound healing 2927/CHE/2013
8. A System and Method for Al based GPS Accredit Moratorium sSstem 20194103841A
9. Flood drainage system 20184104270A
10. Counting human heads on video frames using fleck detection mechanism 2.01941E+11
11. A Divine approach-based pixel accessing technique for embedding content on images 2.01941E+11
12. Blockchain Assisted Smart Contract for Waste Management of corporations 28261N053



1. System and method for assisting smart contracts for waste management of corporations 202141013124
2. Systems and methods for concealing of data based on digital image 202041022794